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Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem Overview

Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem Overview Copyright © 2019 SULÉY Group

Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem (CIBME)

Changing business, social, & cultural landscape for the future.

What is CIBME:

Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem,  or CIBME, is an online adaptive social, media, and business environments, a framework which consists of integrated and interconnected web portals and websites that provide tools for doing business and shopping, self development, self expression and learning, communication and connections, and provides valuable information about issues, events, brands, people and their activities and achievements, including arts, music, film, fashion, theater, creativity, entrepreneurship, science, technology, and lifestyle. CIBME has a tight connection with real people, real events, and real businesses.

CIBME brings digital world to the real world and real world into digital cyberspace. 

CIBME is "Cross-Industry", which means that it is designed to provide business environment to virtually any industry or vertical and to provide tools for different industries to communicate with each other and to complement each other and to provide consumers access to multiple categories of products and services from a single portal.

CIBME is also a world of Media, which provides businesses with channels and tools to develop their brands and to promote their products and services without over-expensive and invasive advertising methods of other available resources. It provides consumers with access to valuable information and tools for communication, personal development and learning, and self-expression.

CIBME main components are: media portal Suléy Era, marketplaces such as and, BeYon'Me - a true People's social media platform, Club Suléy - exclusive social network, and educational portal Suléy University. 

 CIBME Sites:

Suléy Era  |  Shop Suléy  |  Club Suléy  |  BeYon'Me  |  Onocart  |  Suléy University

Who is part of CIBME:

CIBME is an environment designed to unite active and progressive people who are ambitious and creative, and who are looking for progressive and prosper future of the world beyond any political, social, or cultural views. Virtually anyone, who lives an active lifestyle with positive views on life can find something valuable and interesting inside CIBME, which can be applicable to one's profession, craft, or lifestyle. 

CIBME is designed for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives, as well as for consumers with one simple notion: anyone of us is at some point a professional, a creator, and a consumer. We do change all those roles multiple times during a day and often combine such roles in a single activity.

Where is CIBME:

CIBME is a global platform, which can be adopted and localized virtually to any country or geographical region. At the same time many CIBME components are focused on local communities in order to connect people with their neighbors and bring customers to brick and mortar businesses. 

Why are we developing CIBME:

  • Global economy of the XXI century become not only technology driven but revolutionized the way people do business, create and communicate online and in real life.

  • Everything is now interconnected, interdependent. Either local or global.

  • Protection of personal data, security, and sensible use of Artificial Intelligence are matters of human survival of same importance as world piece and ecology. 

  • This new paradigms require new approaches when building business, media, informational, and social environments.

  • Suléy Group answer is creation of multi-dimensional Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem

In the last few decades, the landscape of business, social, and media environments became tightly intervened and interdependent with digital cyberspace and has been radically evolved along with rapid progress in information technologies and telecommunications. It introduced new incredible features, tools, and opportunities, but it also uncovered many threatening problems, such as privacy invasion, aggressive marketing practices, and dividing people instead of uniting.

This ever-changing and fast-paced process lead us to inevitability to develop a completely different ecosystem that will solve most critical problems of today's e-commerce and social media. 






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